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The info of system:

Audio Experience A2 SE

North Star Sapphire CD Player

Nuforce 9.02 SE V2

Analysis Audio Epsilon Speaker

VPI Industries TNT HR-X 12.6

RS Labs RS A-1

Dynavector DRT-XV1S

Jolida Audible Arts SE JD-9 Tube preamp

Jolida JD 9 Tube preamp

bybee Industries power charger

Bybee Industries angel song speaker chargers

isoclean 60A3

Exactpower EP15A AC filter

Richard Gray 400s

MIT Z-stabilizer AC filter

Bybee integrated power charger power cord

JPS Labs Superconductor 3 - 7 meter Interconnect

UltraSonic Amp stand

Ultrasonic Acrylic 28 X 21 X 1 platform Stand

JPS Labs Superconductor 3 Interconnect

wegrzyn copper slam Power cord

JPS digital AC Power cord

harmonic technology AC-11 Power cord

Black Diamond Racing cones Tweak

stillpoints risers Tweak

apple ipod nano Tweak

Shelter 501 mk II mono Cartridge

JPS labs superconductor Q Speaker cable


Audio Experience A2 SE 
Balanced linestage. Made in Hong Kong. SE version is their best effort in preamps. Remote controls the volume, inputs, and mute. The tubes are 2- 5687's and 4- 12AT7's. The USA and European stereo companies are in trouble if the word gets out about this maker. The build quality is not eye candy beautiful, but the sound quality is extra ordinary. Point to point wiring. The best I have owned. I rolled in Bendix 6900 tubes to replace the 5687's and Replaced the chinese 12at7's with RCA black plate 12AT7's. This is the best sounding tube preamp that I have ever heard. The quietest and most holographic portrayal of the of the recording I have heard. There is more low level info than other pre's that I have owned and even preamps costing four times as much.

System edited: I rolled the dice and I picked up an Audio Experience balanced preamp from YS Audio. The SE version which makes it their best effort. I rolled some tubes and put in bendix 6900's for the 5687's and rca blackplate 12AT7's for the cheap chines tubes. The sound is better than I hoped for. Quite a feat considering the modwright and ASL Fora that I had before. Absolutely quite noise floor. A pretty accomplishment considering its a tubed preamp. Very impressed and It still has 160 hrs to go before its broken in.

I can't believe how good this preamp is!
It just gets better. Its not even broken in. Maybe its the 850.00 I spent in NOS tubes I put in it. Its the best preamp I have had and it is still improving. Depth like I have never had and low level info that I never knew existed. Give this one a chance.


Jeff Quattrin 9/2008



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