Mr Ron Cureton

Phono Preamp
Concerto Plus Phono Preamp

Line Preamp
SYMPHONIES V2 line preamp , special up-grade unit.
( Mr Ron Cureton sent the preamp to YS-Audio for up-grade )

Integrated Amp / Amp
True Audio Design TAD-60 ...

using as power amp, 60 watts per channel.
4 each..Tung Sol KT-66, 2 each RCA Clear Top 12au7, 1 each JJ 12ax7.

PSB Image 5T mini towers....about 150 hours use

Speaker Cables
Paul Speltz Anti Cables 2 at 7' & 2 at 8'4 each with Lugs on both ends..I use as Bi-Wire

Sota Sapphire
Herbie's Way Excellent Turntable Mat

Clearaudio..Virtuoso MM

Audioquest PT6

Herbie's Hal-o jr to control great!!

Tonearm Cable

Herbie's SuperSonic Record Stabilizer..aka weight

Ultimate Cables..1.5 m
Silver Series C4 with Cardas female 5 pin din with
Delrin sleeve & gold plated Neutrik RCA

Record Cleaning Brush

VPI 16.5 record cleaner

Record Cleaning Fluid
L'Art Du Son

Cd Player
Samsung DVD..HDCD Model N501...
this is our secondary player just added
because we moved the system around and the main player will stay with the TV screen ..Pioneer DV-45a Universal..SACD...DVD-Audio

Herbie's Grungebuster CD Mat

CD / DVD Cleaning fluid Shine-Ola

PS Audio Power Center UPC 200 with 4 outlets

Power Cords
3 each PS Audio x-stream..1 m
, 3 each TAD Iron-Jelly Fish...1 m

Audio Art Cable,
2 sets..IC3... 1.5 m , 2 sets..IC1... 1.5 m

Herbie's Tube Dampers
Ultra Sonic Hal-O on all tubes

Iso Blocks
4 each under all pieces of equipment to help control vibration (not the turntable)

The combination of the above equipment and cleaning products work so well together that we see no reason to change anything in our system. We are hearing music from our album collection that we did not know was on the LP"s. The PSB speaker are now burned in and the sound is rich full and sweet. We were using B&W 602 S3 speakers and the sound was not what we thought we should be hearing from the analog system.
That is why we changed to the PSB Image 5T speakers.

We did not change anything else in the system when the new speakers were installed and the music is never fatiguing to our ears. Our CD collection is getting played more and more these days because of the incredible sound we have now. I believe that the Y S Audio Symphony preamp& Concerto Plus phono preamp make our system sound the way it does. We have tried a few other pieces of equipment with the Y S Audio items and the sound was very good but tweaking the system with a few added on items listed above brought out the best of the best sound from the Symphony & Concerto Plus pieces.

I have been using Y S Audio's Symphony Preamp for about 2 years now. The performance is just beautiful. We play mostly albums on our turntable (about 95%) and the music is that we hear is so pleasing to our ears. We never get fatigued from the music since we switched out system over from Solid State to the Y S Audio tube equipment. The 2 pieces we purchased from Y S Audio will be in our system for years to come.

Here is what we are using with the Symphony preamp
Telefunken 3 each 12ax7 matched tubes

The following were recommended by Y S Audio as an upgrade to the Symphony preamp....

Sonic Cap.....
2 ea.0.22uF 200 VDC (Gen.II)
2 ea. 0.47uF 400 VDC (Gen II)
2 ea. 1uF 400 VDC
14 ea. CTFA chassis mount female RCA (Cardas)

These Sonic Cap and Cardas upgrades have taken this preamp to the next level in sound. It is very hard to believe that the music sounds better than it did before the upgrade. I am also using the Y S Audio Concerto Plus Phono Preamp with 3 matched Grove tube 12ax7 tubes. The music is just wonderful. The sound is rich and full in our system. From the top treble to the bottom bass the music is never tiring. If I were to upgrade my system I would look first to Y S Audio. The customer service is excellent, second to no one. I have asked a question via e-mail I have received an answer with in 24-48 hours even if the subject has nothing to do with the equipment I have purchased from the company.



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